Tree Removal Service in St. Paul MN

It's easy to find a tree services company that can remove trees. But trimming or removing trees without damaging your lawn or landscaping that's what makes Minnesota Tree Surgeons a cut above the competition! Plus, you'll have an ISA Certified Arborist on-site to help ensure that your trees health and appearance are protected and that all tree work is done as effectively as possible.

Tree Services in St. Paul

Minnesota Tree Surgeons provides several services for commercial and residential customers in the St. Paul area, such as:

  • Tree Removal
  • Non-invasive Tree Cabling
  • Tree Trimming
  • Storm Damage and Emergency Services
  • Brush Chipping
  • Lot Clearing
  • Fruit Tree Pruning
  • Tree Planting
  • Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Injections (and other preventive measures to help protect your trees against damage from insects and diseases like Dutch Elm and Oak Wilt)

At Minnesota Tree Surgeons, we don't just want to remove trees that need to be removed. It's our goal to keep trees living longer whenever possible and help them to be as healthy and beautiful as they can be.

Tree Pruning Services in St. Paul

We provide structural pruning for young trees and maintenance pruning for more mature trees. In structural pruning, strategic cuts help the young tree develop a stronger trunk and sturdier branches that grow correctly, so the tree lives longer and looks better. Plus, you may be able to avoid pricey corrective pruning in years to come.

With maintenance pruning, we remove dead branches from the older tree's canopy to prevent them from spreading damage or decay further into the tree. We can also use non-invasive tree cabling to give mature or weak trees the support they need.

And since we don't want to harm the trees we're there to improve, we avoid the use of tree climbing spikes when pruning trees. So if you live in St. Paul, call the tree service company that keeps the health and beauty of your trees in mind at all times: Minnesota Tree Surgeons.

At Minnesota Tree Surgeons, we provide the most complete variety of tree services, performed in the least invasive way to protect the beauty of your lawn or grounds. We're licensed, bonded and insured as well as punctual, conscientious and customer-oriented.

Contact us to find out more about the tree services we offer in St. Paul, or Request Service to request your appointment online. We look forward to working with you.


Everything You Should Know About Tree Care

Tree maintenance is essential to a residential and commercial property. Trimming your trees to remove damaged limbs and promote healthy growth is a way to ensure the safety of your family and guests, as well as to improve the look of your property. 

What’s more, professional tree trimming can also increase the value of a residential property. However, for the tree trimming to be done correctly, hiring an experienced tree care service is critical.

Difference Between an Arborist and a Tree Trimmer

There are different types of professionals who will work to take care of the trees in your surroundings: 

An arborist is responsible for ensuring that the health of the trees is maintained. Therefore, as part of their services, this type of tree care professional will advise on the proper pruning method for specific trees, what particular dangers certain types of tree might be facing, and whether it is the right time to prune them. 

For example, an arborist knows about tree diseases and parasites, and will be able to determine if you need ash tree removal because of ash borer damage. An arborist will also give you advice on which is a suitable location for you to plant trees.

On the other hand, a tree trimmer works to improve the environment's appearance and the health of the trees by trimming overgrown trees and shrubs.

Importance of Hiring a Tree Company

One of the biggest threats to healthy trees is storms, which can leave a lot of damage - from falling branches to lightning strikes to an entire tree being leveled by a strong storm. Trees or large tree branches might fall on the roof, or even worse, on power lines. 

Even without power lines being involved, tree or tree limb removal is a big job requiring a lot of heavy lifting. In such a scenario, the best and safest decision you can make is to hire professional tree services to clean up storm debris from your property.

The professionals have all the equipment that can help remove the tree trunks, and can handle the tough jobs of stump removal and stump grinding. Since our tree care professionals have gone through the relevant training, they are able to work quickly and safely to remove a dangerous tree or branch. An arborist will be in the location to advise on how to do the cleanup properly and in a way that avoids further damage to your trees.

Why You Should Hire a Licensed and Bonded Tree Service

Before a professional offers tree trimming and pruning services, certification from the state is essential. Hiring a licensed tree company is one way to ensure that you have the most experienced and well-trained tree care professionals at your service.

A company might fail to fulfill an agreement that you had settled for. In such a case, you will need compensation. If the company cannot afford to pay you the said amount, a bond will take care of it. Therefore, it is significant to hire a professional that has a surety bond. Licensed and bonded tree care experts know how to assess your needs and ensure your satisfaction.

Our tree care solutions in St. Paul help ensure that your trees will stay strong and last longer. The best decision is to let professionals handle the task, because they have the relevant experience. 

Contact Minnesota Tree Surgeons LLC for more information or to request our professional tree services!


The crew was very professional! The work was efficient and the clean up... spectacular.— Lora H.
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