Tree Risk Assessment in Minneapolis

Caring for the trees is an important responsibility. Trees enhance the beauty of our property, support the ecosystem and provide shade and protection from the wind. They may even have sentimental value for property owners. However, aside from sentimental reasons, it's crucial to engage in preventive tree care to avoid tree failure and property damage and to keep your neighbors safe.

What Is a Tree Risk Assessment?

While younger trees can pose unseen dangers, senior trees require a periodic tree risk assessment by a trained arborist. This includes inspections of the tree and the ground around it and includes the level of risk for falling, recommended care and removal if the tree is too damaged to be saved.

What Determines a Tree Is at Risk?

Even a well-maintained tree that looks healthy can have hidden dangers only found upon inspection. Signs that indicate a tree may be at risk of failure include:

  • Signs of fungus or decay
  • Insect damage
  • Dead or broken branches
  • Leaning, especially toward a building
  • Roots lifting grass, cement or landscaping borders
  • Nearby drilling or ground excavation
  • Yellowing or dying leaves, if not a deciduous tree
  • Damage from a storm, flood, earthquake or fire
  • Lightning strike
  • Removal of a windbreak, especially if the tree often sways

How Often Should Your Trees Be Assessed?

A certified arborist should assess established trees every 3 years or sooner if damage is evident. An arborist will perform a tree inspection and analyze the ground around the tree. They'll ask the homeowner about any known risks or damage from the past and may perform soil testing. Arborists performing a tree risk assessment also consider buildings and structures nearby, utility lines below ground and public safety concerns. When finished, they'll complete a tree inspection form and make their recommendations.

For more critical tree risk assessments, it is recommended to have a certified arborist with Tree Risk Assessment Qualification from the International Society of Arboriculture. These professionals have undergone strict training, so they can identify any conditions that could result in severe consequences if overlooked.

Minnesota Tree Surgeons LLC is a member of the ISA and has an ISA-certified arborist on staff to handle high-risk situations.

Brian and his crew did a great job making our overgrown maple in our backyard look pretty again!— Shane S.
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