Municipal Tree Services in Minneapolis

Proper tree care outside municipal buildings or along sidewalks and boulevards can prevent accidents. However, tree maintenance isn't a DIY project. We recommend hiring professionals to perform these services. Continue reading to learn why you need regular tree maintenance and how to find the right company to do the job. 

Why Regular Tree Maintenance Outside Municipal Buildings Is Important

Well-maintained trees outside municipal buildings can prevent costly problems for government officials. If a tree branch injures a passerby, the municipality could be held financially liable for the injury. It'll cost more money if the injury leads to hospitalization. In some cases, it may also cost government officials their reputation. Avoid problems associated with poor tree maintenance by booking regular tree trimming and pruning services. 

Tree trimming and pruning don't just keep the trees healthy and prolong their life, they also boost the property's curb appeal. It can improve the city's reputation, and may serve as a good example, encouraging residents to do the same for their properties. Regular tree maintenance also reduces or avoids power outages when there are storms. Most importantly, it can help reduce accidents. If the trees outside official buildings don't look healthy, it might be time to get professional municipal tree care services.

What to Look for in a Municipal Tree Service

Municipal tree services, such as tree inspections, trimming, and pruning, can protect the public from dangerous trees. Use the tips below to help find the right professionals:

  • Hire a fully insured company. Ask if the company you're looking to hire has proper insurance. Without liability and workers' compensation insurance, any accidents on the job may cost the municipality money. Avoid this by ensuring the tree company is insured.

  • Look for a tree company with a good reputation. If you have not previously interacted with the company, look for online reviews on social media pages and other platforms. Check the BBB for any pending complaints and how they resolve issues with other customers. Ask for references to help make a decision. 

  • Book a service that offers good value for money. Read a detailed description of their services and consider pricing when hiring professionals for tree pruning or trimming. Low prices could be bad news; the arborists may need more experience. Services offered at high prices also don't guarantee high-quality service. We recommend asking for estimates and undertaking the first two tips above to help decide which tree company to hire.

Before booking a service, ensure the arborists have proper accreditations or certifications and years of experience. This is where we come in. If you need multiple tree services, we can help.

What Services Does Minnesota Tree Surgeons LLC Offer?

Our Tree Health Care services include tree selection and planting to ensure the long-term health of your trees, tree disease treatment, and insect and mite treatment to save your trees. You can also book tree removal services for safe removal of diseased trees and tree pruning or trimming to keep your trees well-groomed. Other services include storm damage cleanup, stump grinding, and winter or spring tree care. 

Why Choose Us

The team at Minnesota Tree Surgeons has the qualifications, credibility, and experience to ensure that each task is properly carried out. We can handle all types of tree care and are equipped with the right equipment. Most importantly, we're fully licensed, bonded, and insured. 

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